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Season 2023/2024 - Match Video footage - (U16 2008s)


SERYFA Div 2 - Away to KSQ Rapids - Sun 27 Aug.........







Albion.....A look Back

Albion Squads going way back. Senior, Youth and Academy. There’s bound to be a Dad, Grandad, Brother or Neighbour among these Squads.......

A wee bit of fun with our Academy Coaches. We asked them to look back at their early football days. 3 Questions and answers...Oh and to add a pic of them in their football kit. * Pause vid to read *

Season 2022/23 * (2010s) U13s Match Videos.' .....Away to Arniston….29/01/2023 13s v Tynecastle 29/02/2023 v Tynecastle Away 




Season 2022/23 * (2008s) U15s Match Videos…..22/02/2023 v Leith Colts (Div 2)…..29/01/2023 15s v B/Rigg Sherwood….12/02/2023 15s v Lothian Colts

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