"I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cards. The rest I just squandered" (George Best)



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Fine Tune for competition



Help with fitness development and injury
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Our Thanks to the BBC Sports Academy Website for Fitness and Injury links



Health and Fitness

Healthy Living - Youth

Defeating Dehydration

Virtual Body - Explore your Muscles

Make your own sports drinks - Homemade Isotonic's

Tune-Up for competition - Eat to succeed




Common Injuries
Achilles Heel
Bone Fracture
Ligament Damage
Metatarsal Hell
Back Injuries
Hamstring Strain
Shin Splints
Sprained Ankle
Dead Leg
Knee Ligaments

Virtual Body - Explore your Muscles

Any of these injuries giving you problems?
See the club Physiotherapist Mr. Geoff Cowan

Injuries requiring a more scientific diagnosis can be referred too




The University of Edinburgh Fitness Assessment Sports Injury Centre

Group Discount Scheme & Redpath Albion AFC & Boys Club

Since season 1999/2000 Redpath Albion have facilitated a private medical partnership scheme with FASIC.

The up-to-the-minute facilities and high standard of care, consultancy monitoring and sports injury advice, is carried out by specialist staff. Physiotherapists are Chartered and State Registered, Doctors - have Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic or other relevant qualifications. Podiatrists are State Registered. 
F.A.S.I.C. is a Scottish Sports Council Accredited Sports Injury Centre.
Quote from F.A.S.I.C.
 "We emphasise the prevention of injury as much as we do rehabilitation, and will educate and inform and return your players to fitness as quickly as is possible".

Redpath Albion players' and club officials requiring consultation's with FASIC should contact the club chairman for details. Appointments can only be confirmed via the club's FASIC registration details.
contact Chairman for details.

Find out more about Redpath Albion's partnership with F.A.S.I.C.




Fitness advice for Sportsmen

The Club has trawled the internet and researched a variety of fitness and coaching techniques aimed at players' young and old.
This comprehensive guide will covers every aspect of coaching and fitness and is compiled from information submitted from some of the sporting world's leading authorities. At 61 pages long, it makes compulsive reading and is a must for all those interested in the finer points of coaching and fitness and sport in general. Due to the file size please be patient and allow time for a full download.



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