"Football is a part of I, when I play the world wakes up around me."
(Bob Marley)




Trinity Roofing


The Beginning - Some Background

As Redpath Albion nears it's Jubilee and 50 years (1958-2008) as a community club
the climate was right for a clear and detailed assessment of our current position and
our future aims and objectives. It was agreed that a clear, agreed vision of our future
objective's, was needed and that a Development Plan was required.
It was agreed A clear vision of our future aims, strategic thinking, and involvement
of all relevant persons was a first step forward towards creating a successful Development Plan - Vision
The process of providing this plan would include:

  • Reviewing/affirming the club’s overall goals and policies

  • Reviewing current practices and policies

  • Identifying external influences

  • Auditing existing activities in all areas

  • Identifying key issues

  • Agreeing common objectives

It was important to identify the people with specialist knowledge and expertise who
would assist us to shape our vision and advise on the effectiveness of the Development Plan
A series of meeting's were held, the first being in January 2006,
with key club officials and club senior members. This meeting was facilitated by
Mr. John Taylor
Research Fellow
Department of Sports Studies
University of Stirling

Our Development Plan - Vision...This identified Four stages:
Assessment - 'SWOT' Analysis
 Strength's - Weakness - Opportunities - Threats

2) The Vision
(i)To decide a timeline in which to achieve objective's
(ii) A Vision statement - to allow everyone to understand the objective's of the plan and work towards those aims
(iii) To Develop and maintain
* Management and Administration Structures
* Community Participation
* Performance and Excellence
* Partnership Working
* Competitive Programme
* Marketing, Publicity and Sponsorship
* Leadership/Coaching/Member training and development
* Facilities and Equipment

Planning For Action - Agree Agenda for Action
Agree Vision Statement
Each objective to follow the SMART Principles of Planning

4) Turning the Vision into reality
* Action
* Performance Indicator
* Completion Date
* Lead Partners
* Review and Evaluation


The club's Development Team put the finishing touches to it's Development Plan - Vision in April 2006.
Plans for new initiatives are already at an advanced stage and club official positions have now been agreed.

Finance & Accounts Co-ordinators - Tom Burnett and Mac Tait
Child Protection/Parent Liaison Co-ordinator - Robbie Huxtable
Sports Injury Support Co-ordinator - Geoff Cowan
Club Development Co-ordinator -TBA
Football Development Co-ordinator - Roddy Maughan
Multi-Sports Co-ordinator - John Taylor
Girls Sports Co-ordinator - Kamen Burns
Community Network Co-ordinator - Frank Ross
Facilities Officer - TBA


Girls Youth Section - Commences May 2006
Additional of Colts Section - Commences June 2006
Multi - Sports Activity Programme - Commences June 2006
Sports Injury Clinic - Commences August 2006
Playing and Training Facilities upgrade - August 2006

The Development Plan - Vision can be viewed in full
(click to view)



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