A little bit of Philanthropy goes a long way"



Albion's founding philosophy first appeared in 1959 with Albion stalwarts
who plied their trades in the steelworks of Redpath Brown Ltd in Leith
The senior or amateurs works side was titled St Andrews Steelworks FC
and the forming of Redpath Albion AFC was a direct result of the senior tradesman initiating a Juvenile side
for apprentices and local lads associated with the steelworks. In essence, they were doing there bit
for the community by forming the Albion for younger players.
Fifty years on, and the present Albion club philosophy remains the same.
Times have certainly changed and the commitment to the success of this philosophy has
meant we take a radically different approach. The establishing of the clubs youth sections in 1988
set the template for the current commitment to the young people of the Lorne/Pilrig/Bonnington/Calton
areas of Leith, and indeed the many young people who enjoy the projects from throughout the Leith area.
The now Juniors and Youth sections main administrative headquarters at Pilmeny Youth Centre are as a
direct result of the joint partnership arrangement with the youth centre management committee who
committed to supporting Albion's quest for promoting sports in their local community.
Indeed, the centre committee requested that Albion insert a clause in our constitution reflecting that membership priority
be given to young people in the areas we both served.
The clause is still in place and has been, with the club's blessing, for the last twenty years.
The Albion are dedicated and to the provision of community projects that enable young people to
address the ills that plague today's inner-city communities and we have the lead youth agency in the
establishing of local projects promoting healthy lifestyles and personal well-being. As a key element of
the club's 10-year vision and development plan, we aim to continue working towards enhancing the
philosophy established by the 'Steelmen' over fifty years ago.


Community Projects

A great many projects undertaken by the club were pre computer and digital age
Easter and Summer soccer camps were not recorded and most archive records are either lost or unsuitable for online viewing


SRTRC 2009

Albion were again one of the driving forces behind the SRTRC Fortnight of Action held in October 2009.
The event was covered by The Leither Magazine



Albion's spring and summer community coaching programme got underway with the
 the annual Leith youth club 6-a-side Easter competition at Leith Community Centre
Edinburgh Evening News Report




Festival of Action 2008
Albion's coaches will be taking part in the 3-day SRTRC Festival
taking place at Leith Community Centre on 21/22/23 October
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One of our many successful projects looking at the finer points associated with football and sport in general
The attendance levels for this six week project were huge with an average of 27 boys aged 13 - 16 attending each week
Albion were the lead agency in this highly successful project in partnership with Edinburgh and Salford Universities
Edinburgh University FASIC (Physiotherapy Dept), Sports Psychologists and Nutritionists, Narcotics Anon


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Summer Coaching Project
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Girls Coaching Project

Lottery Funded Sports Project


Easter Coaching Project


Summer Coaching Project

Easter Coaching Project


Jubilee Events

Colts Football Festival to kick-start Albion's Jubilee Celebrations
Friday 14 September 2007

Pictures Courtesy of Ian Mackay
Local Heroes Ltd


Easter Football Event

Sunday 25 May
Winterfield Golf Club, Dunbar
Albion players past and present enjoyed a tremendous day at Winterfield.
12 reps from Albion v 12 players from the Strathmore Bar Golf Section celebrated
Albion's 50th Anniversary. An early 8am start saw a convoy of two mini-buses depart the Strathmore Bar
and head for Dunbar. After a light breakfast, it was on to the course. To say it was windy would be an understatement.
    Teeing off into a howling gale testeD even the most experienced golfers in the party.
The Strathmore Bar contingent narrowly won the day and after a post match meal and a few beers in the clubhouse
it was back the Strathmore Bar where owner Martin Proudler and his staff team were on hand to present a number of prizes
to the golf day winners. A fantastic day out for all, and a day that looks set to be repeated annually.
Our thanks to Jimmy Carse and Graham Ross for organising the proceeding's and to those listed below who participated
Gary McKenzie, Bryan Maughan, Darren Wallace, John Christie, Tommy Burnett, Steve Mundial, Davy Dodds,
James Salton, Jimmy Gray, George Carse, Kenny Wood, Dave Skivington, Graham Ross Jnr, Steve Proudler, Christy O'Connor,
Martin Proudler, Stuart McMurdo, Davie Deery, Campbell Drummond, Graham Ross, Willie Tulloch, Jimmy Carse and Tam the Driver